SmartMail™ : 30th Anniversary Webinar Series


Adisseo Webinar Series

In celebration of the 30th year of amino acid (AA) balancing and Smartamine® M, this series of six webinars will discuss the importance of AA balancing, and how methionine and lysine play a role as essential and functional nutrients for dairy cow lifetime performance!

History of AA balancing and solutions for improved milk and components

This first webinar will give you an appreciation for the history of the science behind AA balancing, the amino acids of most importance, and what improvements to expect in milk yield, fat yield, and protein yield when effectively achieving target levels of lysine and methionine.

Dr. Chuck Schwab’s Ph.D. work was the catalyst for the development of AA balancing as we know it today. Chuck heads Schwab Consulting, LLC, and is a Professor Emeritus with the University of New Hampshire.

The first milestone in the practical implementation of AA balancing was the publication of the integrated INRA AA formulation system in 1993.

Initially, AA balancing was only thought to have an effect on milk protein. Today a recent summation of 25 production trials in which rations were AA balanced using Adisseo rumen protection technologies shows clearly that AA balancing positively affects milk fat synthesis and protein.

The trial results show an increase of 1.7 kg/day in energy-corrected milk (ECM), +60 g/day in milk protein, and +80 g/day in milk fat, corresponding to average increases of +0.13% and +0.16% in protein and fat content respectively. Trial results have been replicated in commercial dairy farms, but formulation practices will determine how successful the results of AA balancing will be.

Franck Gaudin, the Dairy Business Director at Big Gain Feed, Inc. and Owner of FG Consulting, LLC, shared his experience of over 20 years working with AA balancing, applying research to the field in USA dairies and overseas. As he mentions “A cow is a cow – no matter where you are, grams of AA explain milk yield.”  Franck has moved from MP and RUP to grams of LYS and MET to drive milk yield and components. Understanding that AA balancing is related to feed efficiency and sustainable dairying in high-producing herds.

We hope you enjoy this recap of the history of AA and this information to help our dairies be more efficient each day!

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