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Discover increased profitability and herd performance.

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Discover increased profits and herd performance.

The MilkPay calculator allows you to view personalized results including Income Data, Milk Per Cow/ Per Day, Economic Impact, and Overall value calculations updated automatically based on current FMMO prices. Select your Federal Milk Marketing Order area, enter your herd data, and add any relevant adjustments.

This tool streamlines the decision-making process for nutritionists and producers, whether in the field or in the office, who want to determine the economic impact of balancing amino acids in their dairy rations.  

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A worldwide leader in animal nutrition

At Adisseo, we cherish the work we carry out with animals. Thanks to us, chickens and pigs grow with less feed, and in a healthier way. Cows produce milk in greater quantity and quality for a longer period. These animals contribute to feeding 8 billion people and have enabled us to become a global leader in the production of nutritional solutions for animal feed. One of the leaders in methionine, an essential amino acid, and protected methionine for ruminants. One of the key players in the vitamins and specialty products designed to foster animal health and welfare. Adisseo is a unique company in many aspects. 95% of our products are exported to over 110 countries and have more than 3,900 customers worldwide. We are a medium-sized company with around 1.5 billion euros turnover and almost 2,200 people working for Adisseo. 

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Our uniqueness also comes from our investments in both industry and research, guaranteeing a competitive and innovative product and service offering. 1.7 billion euros have been invested since 2007. Our success is also due to our dedication to essential values, team spirit, creativity, integrity, commitment, and results. Over the years our company has changed, developed, and grown, putting safety and sustainability as top priorities. Safety of our employees, safety of our plants and research centers, and safety of our products. We never compromise on safety. Aware of present and future economic, environmental, and social issues, Adisseo has developed a growth strategy that is clearly in line with the UN’s sustainable development goals. Building on its strengths and successes, Adisseo strives to be a partner of choice in animal nutrition, with women and men who make the difference every day to feed the planet in a high-quality, affordable, safe, and sustainable way.


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