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Formulating nutritionally adequate diets has always been the challenge at the heart of dairy farming. Current rations must be optimized to do more than just meet minimum requirements. Feed must enable the cow to produce more milk, must boost health and reproductive outcomes, help the farmer make ends meet in an environment of high protein prices, and must support sustainability goals.

Adisseo has been dedicated to improving the range of solutions available to help dairy farmers meet these challenges—not only in dairy cattle. As one of the world’s leaders in the production and application of methionine, Adisseo has been expanding its amino acid line for ruminants; in addition to rumen-protected methionine, Smartamine® M and MetaSmart®, it is introducing RumenSmart®, a product aimed at combating milk fat depression. In this feature, Dr. Christophe Paulus, Adisseo EMEA Ruminant Business Director, and Robert Bennett, Ruminant Category Manager for Adisseo EMEA, unpack how methionine and other products within the Adisseo portfolio can be applied to ruminants large and small, as Adisseo continues to introduce innovations.

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