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Every milk producer wants to maximize his revenue. Advice centers around efficient operations, maximizing components, etc.
Balancing the essential amino acid levels in dairy rations has been proven as an effective nutritional tool at all stages of lactation.
The recent advances in analytical methodologies have led to an increasingly more accurate, reliable, and comprehensive determination of the composition of seleno-yeasts.
Uncover the answers to questions like these, with deeper insights on the role of nitrogen emissions in the ruminant sector, as we interview Dr. Brian Sloan, Business and Technical Director Ruminant Amino Acids & Protected Nutrients, and Amel Hocini, Project Chief for Sustainability, with Adisseo USA.
In this article you will read about the negative performance affects caused by mycotoxins in dairy cows, and how Unike® Plus successfully mitigates these issues.
Nutrition has always played an important role in helping dairy cows meet various production expectations.
Effective selenium supplementation provides optimal antioxidant protection, and ensures the performance of dairy cows and calves, particularly during times of stress, to maintain a higher level of both milk yield and quality. 
Adisseo Sponsors 12 Trials around the Essential Nutrient Role of Methionine in Dairy, Plus Mycotoxin Deactivation, and Sodium Butyrate for Post-Weaned Heifers.
A better understanding of rumen function is helping to reduce the consequences of butterfat depression.
Adisseo has been dedicated to improving the range of solutions available to help dairy farmers meet these challenges—not only in dairy cattle.
Last summer, Jason and Becky Mills had to increase their milk solids to meet their buyer’s new requirements. They did this through a range of management changes, most significant of which was feeding protected methionine.
Adisseo continues to raise awareness on the significant benefits of meeting requirements for essential nutrients.