How Adisseo Helps to Boost Milk Proteins To Fulfill Cheesemaking Contracts

Spotlight on Milk Protein

Last summer, Jason and Becky Mills had to increase their milk solids to meet their buyer’s new requirements. They did this through a range of management changes, most significant of which was feeding protected methionine.
Ann Hardy reports.

The Mills, who milk 140 Holsteins at Eastwood Farm, near Torrington in Devon, were faced with addressing the quality of their milk in Spring of 2020. With most of their feed mill-and-mixed at home and all moved by auger, they had learned from experience that there were constraints on what could be included in their rations. Jason and Becky eventually recruited the services of independent nutritionist, Fiona Berry. “We started feeding the methionine in summer 2020 and there was an immediate uplift in milk protein,” says Becky. “We also believe it is having an effect on fertility, judging by the most recent PD sessions.”

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