Video Series Explaining What Adisseo’s Selenium is all about!

In this 4 part video series on Selisseo®, we enlist the help of key Adisseo employees to explain the creation and uses of Adisseo’s pure organic selenium, a nutritional feed supplement for livestock. Through this series, we hope to provide answers to common questions and explain how this organic and bioavailable solution will help solve problems in livestock farming that may be affecting your herd.

Minute Selisseo® 1/4

In this video, Pierre-André GERAERT, Marketing & Scientific Director of Adisseo, discusses what led Adisseo to work on antioxidants like Selisseo®, a pure form of organic selenium. Why hydroxy-selenomethionine? Pierre-André answers these questions, listen to the explanations starting with video 1 of this series!

Minute Selisseo® 2/4

In Video 2, Michele DE MARCO, Global Technical & Scientific support of Selisseo®, describes the decrease in performance in livestock caused by oxidative stress in farming and its lipid peroxidation, protein and DNA oxidation effect on the organism. Michele explains how Selisseo® is proven to help livestock overcome oxidative stress.

Minute Selisseo® 3/4

In video 3, discover the answers to common questions on Selisseo® from Anne Sophie Conjat, Global Business Manager of Selisseo® at Adisseo. Is Selisseo® available in powder and/or in liquid form? What about its chemical form and its stability when processed? Listen to find out!

Minute Selisseo® 4/4

In the 4th and final video of this series, Garros Fontinhas, the South American Regional Business Coordinator, talks about the different sources of selenium that are currently available to feed animals. He explains the benefits of OH-SeMet (Selisseo®) in terms of absorption, deposition, and the formation of selenoproteins. Garros explains how Selisseo® can alleviate the decrease in performance when heat stress becomes a problem.

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